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Improve Shop Profits with Sawdust

Updated: May 24, 2023

6 Uses for sawdust to add revenue and lower shop expenses. Some sections contain links to resources you may need. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Sawdust written in sawdust pile

Uses for Sawdust and Woodchips

  1. Fire Starters (jump to section)

  2. Packing Material (jump to section)

  3. Pet Bedding (jump to section)

  4. Oil Dry (jump to section)

  5. Walk Path (jump to section)

  6. Wood Glue Filler (jump to section)


DIY Sawdust Fire Starters

Enjoy a campfire but not the hassle of getting it started? Keep it simple for your next campout or get crafty with imbedded decorations and scents to resell. Etsy has hundreds of listings for homemade fire starters selling anywhere from less than a dollar up to $5 a piece.

Besides your sawdust, all you need is a flammable container and wax:

Fire burning in fire pit

1. Container

2. Wax

How to Make Fire Starters

  1. Melt your wax in a pan on the stove

  2. While your wax is melting, fill your cups or containers with loosely packed wood chips. Allow space for the wax to fill in.

  3. Pour liquid wax over the wood chips

  4. Allow to cool and solidify

  5. Use by lighting the paper container


Use Wood Shavings as Packing Material

Wood shavings used as packing medium
Wood shavings make a great packing filler.

If you are shipping your handmade products, chances are you are spending money on packing your items. Don't waste money on packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Large wood chips and shavings are a great packing material that adds a rustic appeal to your packaging. Just fill your box the same as you would with packing peanuts for additional protection while your package is in transit.


Use Wood Shavings for Pet Bedding

Why buy pet bedding when you have a near unlimited supply for free? Be aware of the type of wood you are sawing as not all wood types are safe for different pets. Do not use treated wood shavings or saw dust. This can enter your pet's lungs and be harmful to them.

Need a place for your furry family member to call home? Get your custom built pet bed frame here.


Use Sawdust as Oil Dry or Dry Paint in the Can

Oil spills, gasoline spills and other shop liquid spills are quickly absorbed into wood chips for a quick cleanup. Sprinkle saw dust to completely cover the spill, let it sit for a few minutes then brush it around with a broom before scooping up to dispose in a trash can.

Pro Tip - if you have old, half-full paint cans, dump your saw dust in and close the lid. This helps solidify the unused paint for disposal without the worry of a spill.

Wood Shavings For Wet Foot Path

Large wood shavings are great for laying down a foot path In high traffic areas. Wet walkways are a great place to spread wood shavings to absorb water and prevent a muddy foot path.

Walkway covered with sawdust to absorb water.
Entryway to the gate is always soggy

Pro Tip - use large wood chips as garden mulch!

DIY Wood Glue Filler

Sometimes you need to close a seam or repair a chipped piece of wood, but matching store bought wood filler to your stock is near impossible. You won’t get a better color match than using fine sawdust from the wood you’ve been using. If you don’t have any already, sand the piece for a few minutes to generate a handful of dust.

  1. Mix your wood glue with fine sawdust at about a 1:1 ratio until you have a thick paste.

  2. Spread your wood paste into the crack or chip and let dry then sand smooth.

Pro Tip - Save fine dust you sand in plastic baggies from each species of wood you commonly use. I can't recall how many times this has saved me!


There are many ways to improve your shop efficiency and become more profitable. Using your scraps and cutting byproducts are a great way to keep money in your pockets!

Need a better way to keep your air breathable while collecting saw dust and wood chips? Use a cyclone separator system. Find out how easy the setup is here.

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