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Ultimate Gift Guide for the Wood Worker | 2023

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the woodworker in your life? Whether they're a seasoned pro or just starting out, a new tool can be the perfect present. In this gift guide, we've rounded up some of the best woodworking tools on the market, from hand tools to woodworking jigs and everything in between. From beginner-friendly options to more advanced choices, there's something for every skill level and budget. So whether you're shopping for a birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion, you'll find plenty of great gift ideas here. So, let's get started!

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Gifts for Wood Workers Under $10

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  1. Center Hole Punch

  2. Center Finder

Gifts for Wood Workers Under $25

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  1. Flush Cut Saw

  2. 90° Corner Clamp

  3. Japanese Pull Saw

Gifts for Wood Workers Under $50

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  1. Hedgehog Spiral Feather Board

  2. Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig

  3. Moisture Meter

  4. Work Tunes Headphones

  5. Klein Tools Digital Gauge

  6. Apron

  7. Circle Scribe

  8. Milescraft Dowel Jig

  9. Dust Deputy Cyclone Dust Collection

  10. Digital Calipers

  11. Roller Stand/Pedestal Roller

  12. Kreg Drawer Slide Jig

Gifts for Wood Workers Under $100

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  1. Home Right Electric Paint Sprayer

  2. Bora Edge Clamp Guide

  3. Wen Scroll Saw

  4. Micro Jig Grr-ripper

  5. 8" Dado Stack

  6. 6" Starrett Combination Square

Gifts for Wood Workers Under $200

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  1. Kreg Pocket Hole Pro

  2. 48" Parallel Clamps

  3. Dust Right Dust Separator


Woodworking Gifts Under $10

Center Punch Tool

A center punch marks the spot for drilling by putting an indention into the wood. With a spring loaded mechanism, using the punch is as simple as firmly pressing it down into the wood until you hear the click of the internal hammer jabbing your workpiece.

What makes it great: Drill bits tend to wander off the mark as it spins in the drill. A small indention on the mark give the bit a place to nest into the wood preventing it from wandering off your mark - a great tool when precision is a must. For about $10, this makes a great stocking stuffer. Find it on Amazon


Center Finder/Scriber

Quickly divide a board in half and draw a line with its center scriber. It is a simple tool that can save a lot of time while eliminating mistakes made dividing fractions. Stick your pencil in the center hole and snug the posts to either side of your board and drag along the length marking the center.

What makes it great: Where precision and speed are necessary, this handy tool takes the time and math out of dividing a board in half. It even has built-in notches at common fractional distances off center for easy marking. Find it on Amazon


Woodworking Gifts Under $25

Flush Cut Saw

Every wood shop needs a flush cut saw. It allows you to trim excess wood protruding from your work piece. Most commonly used for trimming dowels flush when joining two pieces. The SUIZAN flush cut saw is a great entry-level trimming saw that will get used over and over again.

What makes it great: The "pull" action cuts as you pull the saw towards you enabling more control as it rides across your workpiece without marring the surface. With teeth on both sides designed for hard or soft woods, this will quickly become your go-to trimming too.

Premium Upgrade: Upgrade to the larger 9.5" Japanese Pull Saw for larger woodworking projects.


90° Corner Clamp

Every woodworker since the history of woodworking has wished they had more clamps. It doesn't matter how many you have - more is always better! This is especially true if you are working in your shop by yourself. Creating a box or a picture frame involves marrying two pieces at 90° from one another - a difficult task with only one set of hands. A set of 90° corner clamps will hold the pieces together while the glue dries, keeping them perfectly set in place.

What makes it great: Unlike other woodworking clamps, these are built specifically for holding two pieces 90° to one another. Spring-loaded pressure constantly holds the wood in place while your glue is drying. Find them on Amazon

Premium Upgrade: Heavier duty and increased panel thickness capacity with WETOLS corner clamp


Japanese Pull Saw

A pull saw differs from "push" saws in that the teeth are oriented facing back toward your hand. The "pull" cutting action requires less energy and results in a cleaner cut. SUIZAN is a popular Japanese brand that has been making pull saws for over a century.

What makes it great: Slim kerf (the thickness of the blade) profile and "pull" action results in a better and more efficient cut. The blades can even be changed out when dulled. Find them on Amazon


Woodworking Gifts Under $50

Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard

There are 65,000 table saw injuries in the US every year. Keeping a board firmly against the rip fence through the cut will drastically reduce the occurrence of kickback - when a board comes in contact with the rear of the blade, flinging it back at you. A featherboard fits into the table saw miter slots and can be adjusted to the board width to keep constant pressure against the the board into the rip fence.

What makes it great: The Hedgehog's spiral design makes it a cinch to adjust - with one hand. This is the number one tool I wish I had gotten sooner. There are many featherboard designs out there, but this is so easy to set up making it our top choice. Find it on Amazon


Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig

There are a few Kreg tools on this list and for good reason: their jigs make frustrating tasks a breeze. Their concealed hinge jig helps to place the hinge mounting pockets and screw holes into cabinet doors. The Kreg Hinge Jig takes all of the guess work out of mounting cabinet doors. Gift this to the woodworker on your list and they just might return the favor and build you that cabinet you've been asking for! Find it on Amazon

What makes it great: Built in scale and indexing tabs ensure accurate positioning every time. The kit includes a carbide-tipped drill bit, so all you need is the drill and some clamps.

Premium Upgrade: Upgrade to the Hardware Installation Jig Kit to get the concealed hinge jig + knob/pull installation jig + pocket hole jig. It also includes a hold down clamp to secure your jig to the cabinet.


Moisture Meter

Wood expands and contracts across its grain as its moisture content changes. Using wood with a high moisture content is asking for trouble. Furniture makers only desire wood between 6-8% moisture. A moisture meter will tell you if your wood is ready to use in a project or if it needs more time to dry out. Find it on Amazon

What makes it great: This model is pinless - which means it does not require the user to jab it into the work surface in order to determine moisture levels. This is better as it does not leave pinholes in your wood.


3M WorkTunes Hearing Protection Bluetooth Headphones

The sound level of a normal conversation is about 60dB. Exposure to sounds at 85dB or louder for 8+ hours a day will damage hearing or lead to hearing loss. The typical table saw noise level ranges from 100-120dB. However, many woodworkers do not use hearing protection out of discomfort or nuisance putting ear plugs in. That is where WorkTunes Bluetooth Headphones come in. Not only do they reduce noise levels by 24db, they are comfortable and will bluetooth to your phone to play music while you work.

What makes it great: They connect to your phone through Bluetooth very quickly and automatically sync when you turn them on. You can take phone calls through the microphone and they protect your hearing - all for about $50. Find them on Amazon


Klein Tools Digital Gauge

No matter how expensive your saw is, over time, it can work itself out of square. Making a cut with the blade even 1 or 2 degrees off can quickly degrade the quality of your finished work. A digital gauge ensures accurate blade angles and a perfect cut.

What makes it great: Klein Tools Digital Gauge is magnetic, so you can stick it to your blade as you adjust the angle. It even has a zero calibration feature so you can set the angle relative to your table, not your unlevel floor. Find it on Amazon


Woodworker's Apron

Stop searching for that pencil you just set down and give it a home where you won't lose it. Keep your most common tools nearby while protecting the cloths beneath. Find it on Amazon

What makes it great: Heavy duty, waxed canvas wears in not out over time. It fits snug and has padded shoulder to keep it comfortable all day long.


Circle Compass Scribe

There are several tricks woodworkers employ to create perfect circles, such as a nail on a string. That's what makes this such a great gift - there's a low probability the woodworker already has this in their shop. It enables you to create a diameter of any size up to 42". Find it on Amazon

What makes it great: It is adjustable and provides metric and standard measurements along the side. Compact and durable, it will definitely outlast a string and nail.


Milescraft Dowel Jig Kit

Mating boards with dowels is a common joinery method, but one many are afraid to tackle. Dowel holes need to be perfectly lined up on each board to ensure a flush fit. Think about a table surface - more than likely, it isn't one single slab of wood. It is composed of multiple strips of boards joined together. It is likely they are joined with dowels perfectly placed to ensure the top surface is smooth creating the appearance of a solid slab of wood. Milescraft makes lining up the dowel holes on each piece of wood a piece of cake. Now your loved one will not have an excuse for not building that new kitchen table you've been asking for! Find it on Amazon

What makes it great: The jig has multiple functions ensuring you drill your dowel holes into the exact center of the board. Using the hole just made, it will line up the opposite matching spot on the board you wish to join it to. It can be used for parallel or perpendicular joinery. Plus, this kit comes with a ton of extra various sized dowels.


Dust Deputy Cyclone Dust Collection

Dust is the silent killer in the wood shop, though there's a hundred reasons why people don't mess with it. Dust collectors are expensive. They fill up their shop vacuum too quickly and clog the filters. They wear a mask. A cyclone dust collection solves these problems. They are inexpensive and attach to a shop vacuum and, if set up right, can prevent even the smallest particles from entering the shop air - particles that your mask won't prevent from entering your lungs. A cyclone dust separator separates the large chip and dust particles sending only the fine stuff to your vacuum to be scrubbed by the shop vacuum filter. The large particles fall down the cyclone into a bucket - never to reach your vacuum or clog your filter. Its an inexpensive way to keep your shop air clean and save your lungs. Find it on Amazon

What makes it great: Compared to full dust collection system, cyclone separators are cheap. They can be mounted to any container such as a 5 gallon bucket and are compatible with nearly any shop vacuum.


Digital Calipers

Digital calipers are typically not found in the standard woodworker's tool kit, but come in quite handy when precision measurements are required. I've found them handy when trying to determine the outlet sizes of the dust ports to hook up dust collection hose fittings as every brand is slightly different. Find it on Amazon

What makes it great: The digital readout that allows you to flip between inches or millimeters and can accurately measure inside (ID) or outside diameters (OD).


Roller Stand/Pedestal Roller

Another tool I wish I'd have gotten sooner. Working in the shop alone means you don't have enough hands to catch a board outfeeding from the wood planer or provide additional support at the miter saw. A pedestal roller can be adjusted to whatever height you need to provide those extra hands you don't have.

What makes it great: Bora's stand has two functions: the typical roller bar and a flip up ball bearing rollers to allow multi-directional support. Find it on Amazon


Kreg Drawer Slide Jig