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DeWalt DW734 Thickness Planer vs DW735 vs DW735X

Updated: May 3

Are you in the market for a lunchbox-style thickness planer and wondering whether the DeWalt DW735 is worth the extra investment compared to its predecessor, the DW734? If so, you're in the right place!

In this blog post, I'll be comparing these two models and taking a closer look at their features, performance, and price points to help you make an informed decision. So, let's dive in and explore the similarities and differences between the DeWalt DW734 and DW735 thickness planers!

DW734 vs DW735 vs DW735X

Wood Planer

Though a thickness planer typically isn't the hobbyist's first purchase, it will make a welcome addition to any woodworking shop. It can turn rough, uneven pieces of wood into smooth, parallel boards.

Even if you're just a hobbyist, a thickness planer can help take your woodworking skills to the next level. And don't worry if you don't have a lot of shop space - they come in a range of sizes, from the small "lunchbox style" models to larger floor models for more spacious workshops.

DeWalt Planer

DeWalt makes a few "lunchbox" style thickness planers at affordable prices that will last several years of heavy use: The entry-level DW734 and the suped-up DW735 and DW735X models.

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The DW734 is a fine machine, but the updates made to it with the DW735(X) model make up for the additional cost. See below for specs comparison and pros/cons of each model.

DeWalt Planer Price Comparison

The older DW734 is the most affordable option and can usually be purchased for about $200 less than the DW735. For about $150 more, you can upgrade further to the DW735x which gives you the same DW735 plus infeed/outfeed tables and an extra set (3) of blades.


DeWalt DW734 vs DW735

The DeWalt 735 and DeWalt 734 are both benchtop thickness planers, but they have some differences in terms of their features and capabilities.

The DeWalt 735 is a more powerful and heavier duty machine than the 734. It has a 15-amp motor that produces up to 20,000 RPM, making it capable of tackling even the toughest woodworking tasks. It also has a three-knife cutter head with disposable, reversible knives that can be changed quickly and easily, allowing for more efficient and accurate planing.

The 735 has a maximum cutting width of 13 inches and a maximum cutting depth of 6 inches, and it can handle stock up to 13 inches wide and 6-1/8 inches thick.

The DeWalt 734, on the other hand, has a 10-amp motor that produces up to 10,000 RPM. It has a two-knife cutter head with disposable, reversible knives, and it has a maximum cutting width of 12-1/2 inches and a maximum cutting depth of 6 inches. It can handle stock up to 12-1/2 inches wide and 6 inches thick.

Overall, the DeWalt 735 is a more powerful and capable machine than the 734, and it is better suited for heavy-duty woodworking tasks. However, the 734 is still a good choice for those who need a reliable, efficient planer for lighter-duty tasks, or for those who don't need the extra power and capacity of the 735.

As far as benchtop planers go, the DeWalt DW734 and DW735 are both great machines with their own set of pros and cons. In short, the DW735 is the updated thickness planer model of the DW734. These machines can be quite loud, but there are ways to reduce this noise.

DeWalt DW734 Thickness Planer

DW734 Pros and Cons

DeWalt DW735 Thickness Planer

DW735 Pros and Cons

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Difference Between DW734 and DW735

Selecting between the two comes down to a couple things. The newer DW735 improves upon the DW734 with 1/2" more width capacity, added chip extraction and 2 cutting speeds enhancing the quality of cut.

DW734 & DW735 Planer Capacity

The DW735 and DW735X have 1/2" more board width capacity compared to the DW734.

DW735 Width Capacity

  • DeWalt DW734: 12-1/2"

  • DeWalt DW735: 13"

Both machines can be fed with stock up to 6" thick.

DW734 & DW735 Planer Infeed/Outfeed Tables

  • DW734: Includes infeed/outfeed tables, providing 33-1/2 inches of board support

  • DW735: None - without some form of in/outfeed support, snipe will be an issue

  • DW735X: Includes infeed/outfeed tables, providing 33-1/2 inches of board support

Even with the infeed and outfeed tables, long stock still requires support to prevent (who am I kidding....reduce) snipe. A cheap roller stand provides enough support to reduce snipe.

DeWalt Planer Dust and Chip Extraction

The DW735 has its own built-in chip extraction blower fan. This thing rocks! There is no need to hook up a vacuum to remove dust and chips. The blower is so powerful that it is actually recommended by the manufacturer to not hook it up to a shop vacuum.

DW735 Chip Extraction